Flip Click Clock


The UK Gift of the Year Award-winning Flip Click Clock changes your normal way of using an alarm clock. When nicely engraved alarm icon shows on top, it means your alarm is turned on, otherwise, it’s turned off.

Made of natural wood material, the Flip Click Clock is super-easy to use. To set the time and alarm, simply touch the fine laser engraved buttons. When the alarm goes off, gently ‘stroke’ any of these engraved buttons on the top to snooze and to turn off the alarm, you can easily flip it over and the numbers will magically correct themselves to a normal display as well, keeping the same time and moving as accurate as before.

Powered by an in-built rechargeable battery and activated by any sound or vibration, so the LED display disappears when it’s quiet and light up when you give a tap, touch or click your fingers. You can also set it on permanent display if you wish.

Flip Click Clock, a design object tailored to be playful.